Project Management

700000 sqft
Total BUA Delivered value
175000 +
Safe Man hours
170 Cr
Delivered Project

Construction is one of the most challenging endeavors. Through our effective project management we control and deliver construction projects within speculated time and cost target.

Demac has highly experienced and seasoned professionals who have eyes for detail and workmanship. We do all this while maintaining strict safety protocols.

We act as the Single Point Contact for client saving the hassle of dealing with number of agencies, vendors and contractors. Our teams put paramount focus on Time, Cost and Quality adding value to your projects.

Design Management

  • Drawing delivery schedule
  • Drawing management and Documentation system
  • Coordinating the architectural and services drawings
  • Reviewing build ability analysis of details
  • Evaluating proposed design change order

Procurement Management

  • Procurement of services and materials
  • Tendering and Evaluation of bids
  • Appointment of contractors
  • Inspecting materials & equipment

Cost Planning and Management

  • Project Budget Estimate and Budget Control
  • Project Cash Flow and monitoring system
  • Cost monitoring and Cost Controls
  • Checking and Certification of bills and payments

Project Time Management

  • Preparation of Master Schedule
  • Monitoring and reviewing time line
  • Project progress reports

Contract Management

  • Monitoring the work of contractors as per contract agreements
  • Monitor materials, labor and equipment resources

Quality and Safety Management

  • Quality assurance and Quality control
  • Establishing quality standards
  • Develop safety protocols for different work activities
  • Ensure that the contractor implements the safety standards at site.